There are so many reasons to try lash extensions…

Add Length and Volume

Mascara is a must in many women’s beauty routines. Adding length and volume is the main reason that most of us use mascara each day, and makeup companies have created some truly amazing formulas to help us achieve that goal. Some women even apply false eyelashes each day to get the long and full look.

Eyelash extensions are the next level of making eyelashes beautiful, making your lashes thick, dark, and full. You can choose a dramatic look or opt for something more natural, but whatever you choose, they are like your lashes, but better! Eyelash extensions last for about 4 weeks and require only a short time in the chair at the salon for upkeep.

Look Youthful and Awake

Nothing opens up your eyes like long and thick eyelashes. Lengthening your lashes can act as an instant eye lift, without any of the side effects of a procedure. Long and gorgeous eyelashes can make you appear more youthful and awake, giving your eyes an extra brightness.

Save Time

As we already mentioned, many women use mascara as part of their daily routine to make their lashes thicker and their eyes brighter. When you get eyelash extensions, you can eliminate mascara from your beauty regimen altogether! Eyelash extensions are attached to your existing eyelashes, so you will not need to take the time to darken or lengthen your lashes with mascara. In addition, because eyelash extensions are already curled, you will not need to struggle with your eyelash curler.

Many women with eyelash extensions do not wear any eye makeup at all, preferring to let their gorgeous eyelashes stand on their own. The extensions are already long and thick enough that they eliminate the need for eyeliner on the top lid to add the illusion of thicker lashes.

Do you want to know the best part about eyelash extensions? No clumps or flakes! Since you won’t be dealing with mascara, you won’t have to wrestle with clumping eyelashes as you apply or flakes of mascara running down your face throughout the day.

Live Your Life!

As if saving on time each morning weren’t enough—and who doesn’t love fifteen extra minutes of sleep?—the biggest benefit of eyelash extensions is the way they allow you to live your life. You can do everything you normally do while you have eyelash extensions, including swimming, exercising, sitting in a sauna or hot tub (avoiding prolonged exposure), and more. You are still free to live your life as usual, looking fabulous while you do it.

Eyelash extensions are a veritable revolution in the beauty industry, saving women time and effort each day, and helping them look and feel their best. The benefits of eyelash extensions go beyond opening your eyes and saving you the trouble of mascara; they can give you a feeling of glamour and confidence as you go about your day.

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